Wedding hookup rules

The Gentleman's Guide To Hooking Up At A Wedding

And go to Disney! And hey, even if there are no wedding hookups to be had, you can use your supply kit to fix your makeup after going fucking HAM at the dessert table.

The Gentleman's Guide To Hooking Up At A Wedding

Between Spanx, chicken cutlets, and whatever random objects you have taped to your body to create the best version of yourself, you have, like, a million hookup disasters waiting to happen. You have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins. Casual wedding hookups are probably not the best way to meet your soulmate.

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I cannot think of a more tragic scenario than ruining a perfectly executed wedding hookup by doing something insane like trying really hard to catch the bouquet in front of him moments later. Do yourself a favor and leave your crazy eyes at home for once.

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The Gentlemen’s Guide to Wedding Hookups

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